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Rosie "Ana Luisa Tavares" Rarick

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Hehehe [
June 20th, 2005 at 9:39pm]
[ mood | creative ]

LOOK AT MY JOURNAL!!!!!!!!!!!!! I RE-DID IT!!!!!!!!!! I'M SO COOL NOW!!!!!!!! :D

Next comes new icons.

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I stole this from Scott... So please do it for me. [
April 2nd, 2005 at 10:27am]
[ mood | chipper ]

This is going to be public because I want to see what "Mr. Anonymous" has to say.


Click here please! :-DCollapse )

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Yah, my journal finally came to this... [
March 31st, 2005 at 12:37pm]

Sorry. The only reason that it's come to this is because I'm just done with dealing with a certain person (Eric) and his friends commenting anonymously and saying bullshit that's just real stupid. It's not that it pissed me off, but I just don't want to deal with stupidity any longer. So good bye all you anonymous people. Be happy that you don't have to read about my life anymore! BYE! :-*

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Stole from Kerrie mwahahahahahaha [
February 20th, 2005 at 12:35pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Survey Time!!!Collapse )

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ahahaha Stole From Kerrie... [
February 18th, 2005 at 11:06pm]
[ mood | tired ]

If you read this,
even if I don't speak to you often,
you must post a memory of me.
It can be anything you want, it can be good or bad,
just so long as it happened.
Then post this to your journal to see what people remember about you.

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Ok... [
October 22nd, 2004 at 3:32pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

I've decided to start a new journal. My other one was kind of getting old and I just wanted to create a new one. So here it is. This is also my journal that I am going to write stuff that's on my mind. I hope that you all will comment when asked OR comment with suggestions, random comments, and things like that.

And remember... If you don't like what I have in here, DON'T READ THIS JOURNAL!!!! Read my other journal.

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